18k Gold Plated Stainless Steel

Plating is a process where a layer of gold is placed on to coat the surface of another metal.
The health benefit is that stainless steel is hypoallergenic which is a great choice for those with sensitive skin to certain metals.
Stainless steel will never corrode or rust, although it is very durable, this steel can get scratched and stained.

925 Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver is made up of a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.
The durable metal is scratch-resistance, doesn’t bend, doesn't buckle, and won't twist out of shape. 

Extra care should be taken to lengthen your jewellerys lifespan.

  • Avoid spraying perfumes or sprays directly onto jewellery.
  • Wait until your lotion or cream is dry or has been absorbed by your skin before wearing your jewellery.
  • Remove jewellery before excercising, showering or swimming.
  • Remove jewellery before you sleep as this will reduce the amount of wear.
  • Use a lint free cloth or a cotton ball to remove any dust and dirt. Gently rubbing the surface of your gold plated jewellery using a soft jewellery cloth will help restore shine.
    Do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaning products to clean your jewellery.
  • Store your jewellery in the Milani Luxe box you received with your order, or in a cool, dry place to avoid exposure to daily elements.

Milani Luxe is not responsible for the care and maintenance of your jewellery.